Substance Abuse Services

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc.

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc., Ravenwood Health and Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland offer programs for clients to work with addiction professionals to develop individualized treatment plans.

Outpatient Services for Substance Abuse – Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc. provides a wide range of services for adults whose lives have been affected by their own or another’s use of alcohol or other drugs, by problem gambling, or by mental illness. Licensed, trained professionals offer support, education, and counseling to individuals, families, businesses, other service providers, and the community at large. Their goal for treatment services is to help their consumers achieve long-term recovery and an improved quality of life. counseling
Drug Testing
Individual and Group Counseling
Dual Diagnosis
Family Group
Video Therapy
Geauga Jail Treatment Program

womanCatholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland

Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland is a comprehensive social service agency serving youth, older adults, individuals and families in Substance Abuse Assessment and Counseling.

Ravenwood Health

Diagnostic Assessment and Counseling – assessments are completed to determine the extent of any drug and/or alcohol use and to assess the client’s mental health needs. Services are provided by licensed mental health professionals who specialize in addiction treatment. Counseling is available for individuals with substance use issues as well as for their families and significant others.

Intensive Outpatient Program for Teens – Ravenwood Health provides treatment for youth who have been diagnosed with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Youth attend 3 nights a week for three to four hours a night. Their family joins them in treatment once a week and they are required to attend at least three AA meetings a week. Such intensity is necessary because the disease takes control of the lives it touches.

Prevention Services – Prevention services are provided to Geauga County residents at Ravenwood and in local school districts. Groups are provided in the school setting to youth that are identified as at risk. Prevention workers participate in such school based programs as Pride and Red Ribbon.

Early Warnings Program – This is an early intervention and education program provided to adolescents and their parents or guardians. It is designed to educate about dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Services at Chagrin Falls Park – Outreach and counseling are provided to residents of the Chagrin Falls Park Community at their community center.