Dinoschool - Incredible Years

Dinoschool  dinosaur

Dinoschool is a program for three to eight year olds, where the children learn how to communicate effectively, how to handle conflict through problem solving and how to behave appropriately at school and home. The Dinoschool curriculum is used in conjunction with pre-school curriculum. The methods of teaching are: videotape modeling, activities, arts and games, fantasy play and instruction use puppets: “Wally Problem-solver”, “Molly Manners”, “Dina Dinosaur” and “Tiny Turtle”.  The skills the children learn in Dinosaur School will set the stage for positive social and emotional growth.

Early Childhood Program

The Early Childhood Program meets regularly at daycare and preschool centers to serve children three to eight years old. The program provides consultation to early childhood staff and direct service to children and their parents. The program uses the “Incredible Years” curriculum that targets disruptive behaviors; promotes self-esteem and emotional stability. Teachers learn best practices and how to positively enhance the children’s social and emotional development through the Early Childhood Mental Health consultant modeling best practices in the classroom.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation provides in-home consultation to parents who are not able to have access to the service through the traditional school based model. This intervention is most appropriate with families of children who exhibit severe behavior problems as well as children who have participated in the traditional Dinoschool and use the In-home service to further enrich their experience. The “Incredible Years” curriculum is used in the home to help parents and children learn better behavior management strategies.

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