Chardon Community Action Team

The mission of the Chardon Community Action Team is to reduce alcohol, drug, and tobacco use in our youth through education and community events for youth and families.

The Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services provides financial support for CCAT and support for participation by staff from Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, Inc.

The Chardon Community Action Team is comprised of individuals representing business, education, agencies, faith communities, health care, law enforcement, and legislative bodies.

CCAT membership is open to any concerned adult. More information is available by contacting Prevention Services at

Members are parents with a deep concern for the health and well-being of the youth and families of the Chardon Community.

Activities with youth are implemented primarily in the Chardon Schools, but many education and training events are offered in concert with other schools in Geauga County and a number of events involve youth from other counties, as well.

The Team provides financial support and volunteer support for a wide variety of educational activities and alternative events. These include:

Educational Activities
Heart “2” Heart – A youth, parent, school, community educational collaborative event
Challenges and Decisions – A training activity for 7th grade students
Golden Ticket to Life – A training activity for 8th grade students

Other Activities
Pool Party – An alternative activity for Chardon youth
Youth Band Concert – An alternative activity for area youth
Classic Car Show – An alternative activity for area families
Geauga Lyric Theater Guild Summer Youth Program – An alternative activity for area youth

Activities and Programs seeking environmental or systemic change 
Responsible Beverage Service – Training for clerks and servers working at businesses serving and selling alcohol 
Parents Who Host Lose the Most Campaign
 – A broad-based campaign to inform adults about serving alcohol to minors. Includes media information and sales and service compliance checks.

Red Ribbon – A national awareness campaign